Founded by a group of Purdue engineers in 2017, Purdue Robomaster Club is one of the most diverse and innovative student run robotics club at Purdue University


Purdue Robomasters club is a student-centered team focused on implementing cutting edge technology into the design, manufacturing, and programming of a team of 6 robots and one aerial drone for participation in the international RoboMasters competition.

Students will need to transcend beyond their knowledge of engineering fundamentals to build a robust mechanical system, develop advanced autonomous control algorithms to enhance robot performance, and collaborate across disciplines.


About DJI‘s Robomasters Robotics Competition

RoboMasters is the world’s largest, most complex, and completely over-the-top university level robot- ics competition. Since 2015, students from all over the world have competed in this multi-stage robot- ics competition that takes place annually in Shenzhen, China. In 2017, more than 200 universities and 10,000 students participated in the competition that was viewed by nearly 20 million people. Robo- Masters highlights the importance of teamwork, innovation, communication and technical skills, and leadership which are essential skills for young engineers to develop.


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TianQi Ye
Founder, President

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Chengming Zhang
Founder, Project Manager


HaoYue Wang
Founder, CTO/CV Lead


Ruolan Feng


ShangJing Tang
Business Lead

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ZiJian He
Founder, Design Lead

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RuiWen Wei
Control Lead


Vick Hung
BIDC Club Representative

Michael-LI - Daniel Lansing.jpg

YanHao Li
Founder, Build Lead


Wan Kyn
Marketing Lead

Faculty Advisors


Dr. Michael Linnes


Graduate Communications/Research Coord


Prof. GUang lin

Team Consultant

Associate Professor, Department of Mathematics & School of Mechanical Engineering Purdue University


Prof. Haiyan h. zhang

Team Consultant

Professor, Director of Center for Technology Development

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Active members. Cross disciplinary: Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Computer Science, Industrial Engineering, School of Technoogy, and Business.


Of the members have a background in designing superior robotic parts. We Specialize in area such as Machine Learning, Computer Vision, Control Systems, Advance Circuit Design, and Advance Fabrication Process.

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Members of the Purdue Robomaster team originate from six countries around the world, including USA, China, Korea, Switzerland, Singapore, India.


The RoboMasters battlefield and rules of play may feel familiar to anyone who’s played a MOBA like League of Legends or Dota: two teams working to destroy the opposing base, collecting power-ups that boost their attack, health, and defense, and leveraging the unique abilities of their robots to devise different strategies. DJI outfitted each robot and base with pressuresensitive plates that detect impacts and differentiate between plastic marbles and golf balls. A successful strike drains life points, and if a robot’s health reaches zero, it is shut off. Powerups can be collected by driving over certain areas of the map or completing technical challenges, like a computer vision challenge, where teams have to autonomously track and strike a rapidly moving target. The team with the most health left at the end of seven minutes is declared the winner, and either side can score a sudden victory by destroying the enemies base.

For the teams of students involved in this year’s RoboMaster tournament, the stakes were clear: $53,000 in prize money

— The Verge

Winners achieve celebrity status among the 6 million fans who watch the action stream live online, as well as a shot at landing a job at DJI, the Chinese drone maker that created this competition. Over the last two years the company has hired around 40 engineers out of the tournament.

For DJI, the stakes are reversed. It is battling to win top talent in some of technology’s hottest fields: computer vision and autonomous navigation. DJI wants to build not just drones, but all kinds of intelligent machines that can understand and interact with the world around them, and RoboMasters is their proving ground.


There are in Total, Seven Types of Robot

Four of them can attack. They are the standard, the hero, the sentinel, and the aerial drone. 


The standard

  • Only 1-3 Standard Robot is allowed

  • It is the flexible robot of all

  • It is the main fire power of the team

  • It can only Launch 17mm projectiles

  • It has 750 HP in the start.

  • If destroyed, can be revived by the Engineer robot


The hero

  • Only 1 Hero Robot is allowed

  • It is the most powerful robot overall

  • It can launch both 17mm and 42 mm pro jectile (10x Damage)

  • It can Land the Resource Island

  • It has an 1500 health point at the start o Revivable by the Engineering Robot


The engineer

  • Only 1 Engineering Robot is allowed

  • It has the highest Health point overall, with 5000 heath point at start

  • It is mainly used to retrieve the higher attack value ammo (42mm) located at the ammo box, thus, usually, some type of grabing mechnisim is needed.

  • It needs to deliver the 42mm ammo to Hero Robot

  • Engineering Robot is the only Robot that can retrive dead robot (Heath point depleted)

  • Can not launch any projectile

  • Revivable by others



  • Level up your robots by taking out the others
  • Make sure all ammo hits the pressure sensitive plate, otherwise, not count as damange o Defend your base and destroy the opponent’s
  • Collect Higher value ammo (42mm) to increase chances of wining
  • Activate the bonus effect by hitting 3x3 effect board to increase fire power


  • Fleet has to include at least one Standard Robot, Hero Robot, Sentinel Robot, Engineering Robot, and Supplier Robot inorder to be qaulifiy as an candidate. AeroRobot is optional. o Only Hero can shoot 42mm
  • Shooting speed is regulated, exceed limit can result in deduction of heathpoint
  • One can not shoots continusly, cooling time is applied.
  • Robots have manditory power limits on the driving system, if power draw exceeds lmits health points will be deducted.
  • All robots have weight limits, battery limits, and special material restrictions.


  • Dead robots can only be revived by pushing/pulling them to the Revival Zone
  • Standard and Hero robots can level up
    • Levels 1-3
    • Increases Health Points
    • Increases max Barrel Heat
    • Decrease Revival delay
  • Drivers can only see the field through FPV cameras on the robots
  • Very little feedback can be given to drivers
  • Drivers uses Keyboard and Mouse to operates the robot.
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Your Support means Everything to us!

Currently, Purdue Robomaster Club has in total of nine sponsors.



John Deere

Purdue University Engineering Student Concil

Purdue Univeristy Mechnical Engineering Department

Purdue University Bechtel Innovation and Design Center

Purdue University Center for Techology Development